Penny and Mummy Hands Home

Every mum has an epic labour story. I’m not going to subject you to mine. I will however share our first evening at home.

After escaping the hospital after 5 days, we loaded up our precious cargo into a crisp new car seat and started to make our way home. Nothing was going to spoil our mood… Not the broken car park payment machine, the queue to exit the hospital car park or hubby having to whiz round Morrisons to restock the house while baby and I waited in the car.

We made it home with our perfect baby who was asleep in the car seat and just stared in awe. What do we do now?

Our breastfeeding journey had already begun and appeared to be going well. We had read up on how theses first few days would be (lots of feeding), but nothing prepared us for just how amazed we would be that our baby girl was finally here. Big Sis Jess came over for her introduction and we all hauled up on our bed just watched this tiny baby sleep in her crib. She slept and fed, slept and fed and we all began adjusting to our new roles and discussed how life would change.

I drifted in and out of sleep until the time came for big sister to head home. Hubby gently coaxed me awake. I jumped and screamed in horror, right in his face, much to Jess’s amusement!! (exhaustion is a funny thing eh!) Beautiful baby Penny didn’t bat an eyelid!