Natural Rubber Teething Toy Boo the Bunny - Malvern Mum

Teething can be maddening for you and  baby! Teethers provide safe comfort and relief for babies to chew on and suck while their new teeth are coming through.

Ah, the joys of teething eh? Lack of sleep, sore gums, red cheeks, constant dribbling and some very funky nappies to name just a few symptoms!

Tooth pain is absolutely the worst pain I’ve ever experienced (with the exception of labour). This stage of your babies development (usually from 6 months -2 years) can feel never ending and you find yourself with one (understandably) very grumpy and upset baby.

We’ve tried all sorts to help Penny ease her pain with new teeth but I gave up with Bonjela and teething crystals a while back. There are only so many times you can fight to get them into babies mouth and it have little or no effect, before you just give up and seek other options.

Anything which can be given to her cold always seems to help so we started trying teething toys. I can keep them in the fridge until ‘t-day’ and give her one as soon as symptoms start.

I was recently sent a beautiful teething toy by Amber Pumkin and it has fast become our favourite.

Natural Rubber Teething Toy Boo the Bunny - Malvern Mum

Introducing Boo the Bunny (your new teething buddy)

Boo is a natural rubber teething toy by Rooba. This beautiful teether made from 100% rubber is completely non toxic (containing no phthalates, colours, PVC & EVAtane, silicone & BPA) and was designed in the UK. Rooba pride themselves on having created a sustainable teething toy. The natural rubber comes from a sustainable source and once you have finished with the to you can relax knowing it is fully biodegradable!

It’s once piece design means this teether is by far the easiest to clean and means there are no cracks where mould and dirt can gather. It’s strong flexible handle is easy for Penny to hold and the design of the long ears reach right to the back of her gums. Our other teethers don’t have this deep reach feature so have fallen out of favour as we battle the molars!

Boo the Bunny features a variety of textures which really help Penny sooth her gums. The deep ridges of the ears are perfect for molars and the bumpy handle was really helpful as her front teeth emerged (she would hold Boo by the ears to chomp on the handle).

Natural Rubber Teether

I love that I can feel safe in the knowledge that the natural rubber this toy has been made from does no leach any negative by-products, which has been a big concern of mine with plastic. I am often heating and cooling this product, boiling to clean and refrigerating to provide teething relief. Some of our other teethers are made of silicon which was commonly believed to be similarly inert and hypoallergenic, but some recent studies have indicated that heating or cooling can cause it to leach. Silicone is also a non-renewable, petroleum based material.

Another major plus is that Rooba’s manufacturing plant meets strict international standards and is ISO certified. Employees have a safe working environment and regular training to ensure the highest quality products.

Using Boo

Boo is 8cm x 7.5cm and has a thoughtful ergonomic design which encourages hand eye co-ordination. I wondered how strong the teether would be as it’s so flexible and seemingly enjoyably chewy but I have no doubt in this little toys strength now I’ve seen it in use!


I would highly recommend this teether to anyone who has a grumpy baby in need of relief. It’s also a great product for the eco-conscious parent!