Definition: A monumental infant bowel movement of such quantity and consistency that no nappy stands a chance of containing it, resulting in a disastrous mess.

The Motherload

It’s fair to say that before I became a Mum,  I had never experienced such horror as I would when we subjected to our first Poonami by our dear daughter!!

Week two of being a parent, too tired to make the long trek to the nursery to change the billionth nappy, hubby and I decided to set up a change station in the lounge….  minimise the stress and strain of parenthood right?

WRONG! Little did we know our blue eyed girl could brew such an epic explosion from her rear! Mid nappy change the rumblings began and before we could shield ourselves and our lounge from the disaster about to behold us (wet wipes are fiddly buggers when in a hurry) it had begun!

WARNING Graphic Content

Streaks of green poop were sent flying across the lounge carpet and down the legs of dear hubby. Thus dubbing our lounge change station the worst idea we have come up with… So far!