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Even if your first thoughts about cloth nappies are positive, once you begin researching you can soon drown in confusion. What is an insert, a wrap, a nappi nippa? Bamboo, microfiber, hemp, charcoal? Ahhhhhhhh!

It can all seem too complicated to be worth it. But do not despair! A cloth nappy library may be able to save you.

But first I would like address some of the other major concerns I have heard from people when I tell them I use reusable nappies. First of all, poo. People seem utterly disgusted that I put poo in my washing machine. If you have a baby, disposable or cloth nappy you will have to deal with poo and frankly wiping the bum or being pooed on is the worst bit and that will happen either way (sadly).

I actually found that I dealt with less poo with cloth because we had a lot less poo explosions (yey!).  You can also push the nappies into the washing machine from the bag or bucket without having to touch, smell or see any poo!  At the moment we do not rinse the poo before going in the machine because we have not yet reached solids and breastmilk just dissolves, so I will let you know how that transition goes (maybe not with pictures!)

Secondly, I have had people ask me if it’s more expensive but definitely not is the answer! A lot of the time you can pick up second hand things for reusable nappies, and even if you buy new because lots of the nappies will do from birth to potty and second/third children it can save up to £1433-1654 over 2.5 years compared to using disposables! (just think of off the chocolate you could buy).  And the added bonus is how good it is for the environment as its saving landfills from piling higher!

Despite these amazing benefits the world of cloth nappies can still be a tricky place to navigate. This is where cloth nappy libraries come in. They will let you loan a kit of all different types of  nappies, explain how to use them, and will answer any question whether it is about washing, fitting or buying them. And this is for all for free !!

With the help of my local nappy library my cloth nappy experience has gone from confused, stressful attempts of trying to shove every and any material inside a nappy, to absolutely falling in love with how easy, effective and cute cloth nappies are. Even if you decide it not for you it’s worth the free trial.

So I say let the bums see the cloth!

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