Just another blog for mummies. My name is Sophie, now formally known as ‘Penny’s mum’. Inspired by new parent life and my beautiful, funny NCT mummy friends, I decided to start a blog about the weird and wonderful roller-coaster ride I have just embarked on! As a new Mum I find myself hungry for information about development, health and welfare of my daughter. There is plenty of information out there on the web, but how much of it is evidenced and true? I’m hoping to dispel some myths, and provide some facts behind some of the biggest headlines and taglines on the web today.

I’m mum to Penny (currently 3 months old) and Step-Mum to Big Sis Jess (11) and I live in Malvern, Worcestershire. Before maternity leave I worked as a Piano Teacher and Digital Designer and I’m missing having a good project to get stuck into. So here goes!

You’ll usually find me indulging in wine or cake, attempting to walk off said wine and cake, or growing pretty and yummy things in my small unruly garden.