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Natural Rubber Teething Toy Boo the Bunny - Malvern Mum

Review: Boo the Bunny Natural Teething Toy

Teething can be maddening for you and  baby! Teethers provide safe comfort and relief for babies to chew on and suck while their new teeth are coming through. Ah, the joys of teething eh? Lack of sleep, sore gums, red cheeks, constant dribbling and some very funky nappies to name […]

Cloth Nappies - Zero Waste Malvern Worcestershire Green

12 months to Reduced Waste: January- Cloth Nappies

One thing I’ve become more passionate about since having a child is how much we, as society, care about the planet. I dread to think what the world will be like when Penny is my age but I’d like to think I made a conscious effort not to contribute to […]

Safe Sleep: What should baby wear?

It’s difficult to know what your baby should be wearing as the seasons change. Its important your baby doesn’t get too hot or cold when the sleep because it can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). So how do we go about dressing baby appropriately for bed? […]

abbreviations and acronyms Forums Mumsnet Netmums Facebook

Mummy Forum Acronyms

We’ve all found ourselves searching forums, Facebook groups and baby apps searching for the answer to why our little one makes that noise? Or why their nappy is green? Or what they should be wearing to sleep on that hot summer night? But to get the answer you have to […]

Breastfeeding Stats Worldwide

UK Low Breastfeeding Rates – Explained!

The UK has some of the worst breastfeeding statistics in the world. Just 1% of women are exclusively breastfeeding to 6 months, as recommended by the NHS. (A breakdown of breastfeeding statistics by babies age is a available in my previous post here.) The Daily Mail in the UK suggests, […]

Naturebond Silicone Manual Breast Pump

Naturebond – Easy Pumping

Naturebond have developed an innovative product to make the lives of us breastfeeding mums easier. It’s a silicon breast pump. (Doesn’t sound that exciting does it…BUT IT IS!) Before discovering this pump I was using my electric pump to build up a stash at 4am (milk supply is highest in […]



Poonami (noun) [Poo-nah-mee] Definition: A monumental infant bowel movement of such quantity and consistency that no nappy stands a chance of containing it, resulting in a disastrous mess. The Motherload It’s fair to say that before I became a Mum,  I had never experienced such horror as I would when […]